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Bitcoin SV is the most scalable blockchain that builds on the robustness of the original Bitcoin Protocol.

How to Get Started?

The first steps are always challenging, but having the right resources at the right moment can make all the difference.


Coding with BitcoinSV is easy, learn more about the Bitcoin protocol and how to become a developer.

Tools & Services

Find the latest Bitcoin SV tools and libraries released by some of the best developers in the space.

Developers & Companies

Browse the BSV ecosystem to find all the most skilled developers and their associated companies.

Bitcoin SV in Numbers

Bitcoin SV in Numbers

In an ecosystem where everyone tries to reshape narratives to claim being the best, let the numbers speak for themselves.

Bitcoin SV Features in one Look

There are many levels to understanding the full potential of Bitcoin SV, so we have put together some of the key benefits of developing on this blockchain.


Bitcoin SV is the blockchain that 'never really hits a scaling ceiling'. The world record for block-size is currently 600MB.


Bitcoin is driven by positive-sum incentives that drive honest behaviour from nodes, creating a secure network.

Smart Contracts

The Genesis hardfork brought back the original bitcoin script language to enable turing complete predicate contracts.


Regulatory Compliance

Bitcoin SV embraces the law and works in parallel with regulations designed to keep market consumers safe.

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Bitcoin is easy to understand when you have the correct sources!

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